Comuna Cantina - Latin Street Food at Pacific Fair


Comuna Cantina - Lantin Street Food Experience

Stopped in for Lunch at Pacific Fair and decided to try out Comuna, which serves Latin inspired meals, located in an outdoor breezeway near Zara.

It is certainly a very upmarket take on street food.  There is a wide variety of options including a bar serving a full range of cocktails, tap beer, wine and coffee.  We ended up picking the 'Feed Me for 2' option which was really good value.  The highlight was the corn - OMG so nice!  I wasn't the biggest fan of the tacos, they are a soft corn tortilla, the mexi-beef one came with ground beef, pickled onions and cheese.  The sweet potato fries were delicious and salad was divine (although the lettuce leaves were so large it was difficult to eat elegantly).  I will be back if only for the corn and salad. 

Free Salsa Dancing

When we walked past later in the afternoon the tables in the center were all pushed back to make way for music and salsa dancing, which looked fabulous.  Apparently from 4pm until 7pm on alternate Sundays there is a free salsa dancing, which really did look like fun.  I am kicking myself now for not just jumping in and joining them!


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