Lead Light Stained Glass Easter Cards

The children wanted to make cards for their teachers for Easter.  I had seen a similar 'lead light' effect project done for a kindy activity last year so thought that we could adapt it to a card.  They turned out really well and my son loved the stained glass look..

Easter Stained Glass Card Project

Lead Light Stained Glass Easter Cards Materials

Cardboard for Card - A4 size
Clear Sticky Contact  - two A5 size pieces
A few different coloured cellophane sheets (or coloured tissue paper if you don't have cellophane)

Lead Light Stained Glass Easter Cards Equipment

Cutting Mat
Metal ruler

Lead Light Stained Glass Easter Cards Process

Step 1 - Fold your card in half.  Draw the pattern you want to cut out on the inside front of the card in pencil.  I did a cross to make it easy, 4 cm thick.  You could also do Easter eggs or an Easter bunny if you are feeling adventurous.

Step 2 - Cut out the shape on a cutting board with a scalpel.  You can go freehand, or I used a metal ruler to get the lines straight.  You could also use scissors if you don't have a scalpel and cutting board.

Step 3 - Cut up the cellophane into pieces, about 1cm in size.  Can be rough and an assortment of sizes and shapes looks good.  Only a small strip of each colour of cellophane is needed.

Step 4 - Cut two sheets of clear contact out to fit over the design you have cut out.

Step 5 - Open up the card and stick one of the clear contact sheets onto the front of the card, covering the cut out area completely.

Step 6 - Flip over to the other side of the card (the inside) and sprinkle the cellophane pieces onto the sticky contact paper.

Step 7 - Shake off the excess and place the second piece of contact over the cellophane pieces, again covering the cut out area completely. Done!

Lead Light Stained Glass Easter Cards Review

Difficulty - Moderate, cutting out the shape is the most difficult part.
Time - 30-50 mins.  A lot of that time is in setting up, it wasn't that much extra time to make more cards, so maybe plan to make a few extra for Grandma or something to make it worth the set up time. 
Cost - Less than 50 cents a card, we managed to make it from bits and pieces that were at home
Child Involvement - For little kids, the only part they can really do is sprinkle on the cellophane, and perhaps help with the contact.  Older children who can use a scalpel or perhaps scissors to cut out the shape can do the whole project on their own.
End Result - They actually look pretty good, and make a really nice Easter card.


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