Christmas Lunch at Palazzo Versace

Christmas lunch at Palazzo Versace has now become a bit of a family tradition

We never meant for it to become a regular custom.  At the end of one year we were a bit too exhausted to think about hosting Christmas lunch, which used to always be at our place.  A lavish affair with prawn cocktails, full roast with all the trimmings and lots of French champagne.  But we just couldn't bring ourselves to do it again that year, especially with two young children.  Christmas morning was chaotic enough without trying to roast a turkey as well.

So we convinced the whole family to book in to have Christmas lunch at Palazzo Versace, just that once, so we could have a break Christmas morning.  However after experiencing the sheer luxury and divine relaxation of such a decadent lunch we just can't go back to the stress of trying to manage Christmas at home again.

Palazzo Versace Food

The food as you would expect is superb, with a bountiful and varied buffet of both hot and cold menu items with something to suit everyone's taste.  There is a beverage package included with the lunch as well.  The chefs do an incredible job, and the stewards are generally really lovely and fairly efficient.

Palazzo Versace Christmas Elves

The kids are entertained by a whole company of elves who do balloon animals, face painting and entertain the kids.  The kids absolutely love it and can't believe how lucky they are to be able to play with elves on Christmas day.  Last year I noticed that the elves did a particularly good job of keeping the older kids entertained and having fun at the very end of the lunch and they were starting to get a bit restless by spontaneously initiating balloon sword fights which was a huge success. 

Palazzo Versace Live Band

For the adults there is a brilliant live band playing, performing a mix of traditional and some modern songs with only a small smattering of Christmas Carols in there.  I personally think more Christmas Carols at the start of the day would be great to really embrace the Christmas spirit, then to switch it up with songs to get people out on the dance floor later after they are relaxed and more inclined to get footloose. 

Palazzo Versace Santa Claus

There is of course Santa who arrives during lunch and delivers really very lovely gifts to all of the children which is a highlight for the kids and so very exciting.

Palazzo Versace Enchantment of the sweets

The best part of all is the enchantment of the sweets.

The first year we went, part way through the affair the doors to the dessert room were opened, and the children wasted no time exploring this wonderland of sugar and spice.  As you stepped into the room you were enveloped with the smell of warm gingerbread, and everywhere you looked was another delight. 

There were trays laden with the most delectable desserts I have ever tasted of every type imaginable.  There was an area to decorate gingerbread men with icing and lollies, a chocolate fountain and even a marshmallow roasting station.

It felt like we had walked into The Magic Faraway Tree's Land of Goodies combined with Willy Wonka's Chocolate Room. 

Upon entering my son kept rubbing his eyes, then looked up at me and genuinely asked if he was awake or asleep.  He said to was the best day he had ever had and didn't know if it was really real or not!

Last year they changed the format a little and there wasn't a dedicated sweets room, which wasn't an improvement.  The kids much preferred the wonder of stepping into a Hansel and Gretel wonderland.  Hopefully it will change back this year.

One thing is for certain, we will be back again this year as we can't think of a better way to enjoy Christmas Lunch together and we can't wait!



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