Lah-Lah's Big Live Band 10th Birthday Tour

The Lah-Lah's Live Concert

As a special school holiday treat the kids got to see Lah-Lah's 10th birthday concert tour.  They were so excited about going to see the show and it was a lot of fun.

For anyone not familiar with the band, Lah-Lah is a kid's band that have a show on ABC Kids called Lah-Lah's Adventures.  The band have a lot of jazz and rock influences so a lot of the songs are tolerable, and dare I say some are even slightly enjoyable, for the adult folk in the audience.

The kids were all up and dancing around, enthralled by the entire show. 

Meet and Great with Lah-Lah's Band

At the end of the show all of the band members head into the audience and the kids get to be up close and personal with the band members and instruments, even getting to touch the instruments and have a play.  There is a saxophone, piano accordion, drums, double bass and even Lah Lah herself.

The Lah Lah's concert is such a great way to introduce kids to live music, instruments and how to have a great time dancing your heart out.

To find tickets head to with lots of shows still available across Australia.


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